Airbrush / Glitter Tattoos / Henna Tattoos

Airbrush / Glitter Tattoos / Henna Tattoos



Temporary Airbrush Tattoos can crank up the fun factor for your next party or event. Invite Edge Entertainment to your celebration and our airbrush artists will provide elegant or whimsical airbrush temporary tattoos or body art for your guests.

The airbrush body paint used in our temporary tattoos is made of an alcohol-based makeup that applies quickly, dries quickly, and can last up to a full week. Colors range from black to bright hues so guests can choose to match their outfit for the day or keep it neutral. When you are ready to remove your tattoo, a little baby oil or rubbing alcohol will loosen it up and allow you rub it off.

We have a wide selection of stencils and designs to appeal to a variety of style tastes. We do airbrush tattoos for adults, as well as temporary tattoos for kids.

Anywhere from 15 – 30 Tattoos per hour – Number per hour are approximate and cannot be guaranteed





 Edge Entertainment can add a little sparkle to all of your events with unique glitter tattoos. We only use high-quality, safe products for our fun glitter body art services.

Glitter tattoos apply and dry quickly, and are so fun to show off. They are also waterproof and can last up to five days. You can customize your temporary tattoo with a variety of colors to choose from. There are so many tattoo options, color combinations, and so many places to put them, every guest can get just the design they want.

Unique, Fun, Quick Application, Fast Dry Times, 30 Different Colors

Hiring our glitter tattoo artists for your party adds an extra level of fun and excitement to your event. Glitter tattoos are especially great for celebrations for kids and occasions that could use a little glitz or glam.

Anywhere from 12 – 18 Glitter Tattoos per hour – Number per hour are approximate and cannot be guaranteed





Our professional Henna and Jagua Tattoo artists will draw free hand traditional mehndi or tattoo style designs that children and adults will love. Henna and jagua use the same application technique. They are 100% natural and do not contain PPD or any other toxic chemical.

If you are looking for a skilled henna tattoo artist the talented professionals at Edge Entertainment are ready to impress. We offer intricate, beautiful and safe henna tattoos. Are you looking for a fun, temporary piece of skin art? As henna is not permanent and only lasts between one and three weeks, it is a guilt-free way of expressing yourself again and again.

Mendhi is mother nature’s tattoo ink. The henna bush is a type of flowering shrub that has been used in a variety of ways by middle eastern cultures for thousands of years. It is especially popular in India and North Africa. The leaves of the henna plant are dried to produce a permanent coloring for clothing or a temporary dye for your hair and skin.

Our henna tattoo artists skillfully apply henna dye in unique, highly-intricate patterns. These temporary tattoos are perfect for all your special events.

Maybe you’d prefer your Mendhi design to include thin lines and floral motifs like those of the Indian tradition. Or, maybe you like the look of a more African-styled pattern with wide and geometric lines. Whatever your style, our henna tattoo artists are the best in the business.

Anywhere from 8 -10 Henna Tattoos per hour – Number per hour are approximate and cannot be guaranteed



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